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Your company’s health and safety program is guided by your manual, which we can review for you, and according to your chosen certifying partnership and jurisdictions, provide you with a written report on any areas that may need improvement.

We will utilize the material you provide our office and include a quote to make any revisions to include missing components if necessary to meet current legislation and criteria.

COR Audit Protocol Update

As of January 1 2019, the COR Audit Protocol has been updated to align with changes to the Alberta OH&S Legislation.

Employers may be unaware of the extensive changes to the COR Protocol prior to scheduling an Audit, which can end up costing the company audit fees & potentially losing COR certification.

In an effort to protect Companies’ COR, we offer a GAP Analysis based on your Certifying Partnership Protocol. The GAP Analysis will provide you with a detailed explanation of missing documentation based on current Legislation & requirements. An action plan to address the deficiencies can then be developed and implemented prior to scheduling the COR Audit so that certification/re-certification can be achieved.

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